2015: A Year in Review

Last year I wrote a piece on everything 2014 had taught me. I must have felt at the time that 2014 was a big learning curb, or that a lot of things changed. 2015 hasn’t been a year of learning particularly, more a year of blissful continuity.
It’s just been a good year. Forgive me for the especially dull introduction, but I can honestly say that quite simply, it’s been a good year – not great, but definitely good.

I’ve been with my boyfriend now for a whole calendar year (OMG that’s never happened before) things with us have been wonderful from the start to the end. I graduated from University… and then went right back to pursue a Masters degree (I’m still trying to decide if this was a good or a bad decision). I went to Spain; I had several crappy jobs (waitress, barista, cleaner). I went to an awful lot of house parties, I moved out of my student house I’d lived in for the past two years, and most of my university friends moved back to their respective hometowns. I had the nicest Valentines Day I’ve ever had, I went all-out for Halloween, I turned 23, I got really fit and then I got pretty unfit. My hamster died which really sucked, I had a brilliant Christmas both at University and at home, I went to Pride, I met my boyfriend’s family and I spent many days relaxing on the beach. Aside from the death of my beloved Peanut – it’s been a pretty good year.

So why then, do I classify this year as specifically ‘good not great’. When I think about it, I suppose it’s because there was nothing in particular that I achieved, or did, or experience that pushed 2015 up the ladder of greatness. It’s been a fun and happy year, but I haven’t pushed myself as an individual, I haven’t moved forward in my life, I’ve stayed rooted to the spot, in the same city, surrounded by the same lovely people.

Now, many (or nobody, that’s not so unlikely!) will read this and roll their eyes, I mean, I did graduate and maintain a good relationship, I think it’s fair to say that both of those are achievements in themselves. But my goal for 2016 is to really push for something special within myself. Most of the happiness from 2015 came from my wonderful boyfriend, but 2016 needs to be the year I discover something for myself, the year I do something interesting, the year I move to another city and get a brilliant first job. Happy continuity is all well and good, but excellence will only come from risk taking and big changes. That is what I would like to see in 2016. I hope I can maintain all that has made me so happy this year, and take things to the next level next year and really do something that I can be proud of.

Happy New Year to anybody that may be reading this, I hope you’ve had as good a year as I have, and you’ve been as privileged as I to spend it with such fantastic people. Now onwards and upwards, and lets kick some ass in 2016.

leo gatsby

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