With the referendum creeping closer day-by-day, it was only a matter of time before The Sun, Britain’s most read newspaper, weighed in on the debate. To the surprise of literally nobody, those at The Sun want to leave. They are nothing if not brilliantly predictable.

You can find the article here if you’d like to read all the basic arguments of the Leave campaign with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. Some long-ish words were used including “undemocratic” and “apocalyptic”, which were pretty impressive; I didn’t know Sun journalists knew how to spell. Otherwise, it’s a crap article.

I’m not going to go through point-by-point why it’s all bollocks as honestly this referendum campaign is making me lose the will to live. Though I will say one thing; this is what Rupert Murdoch, owner of The Sun, said when questioned why he was so opposed to the European Union:

“When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.”

I reckon he might have an ulterior motive, don’t you?


Moving on to The Daily Mail, Britain’s second most popular paper (PEOPLE OF BRITAIN PLEASE READ BETTER NEWSPAPERS, FOR GODS SAKE). Today the infamous Katie Hopkins released her latest column. I’ll link it here for clarity, but please don’t click it and give that woman any more views. It’s ok, I can tell you what it’s about: It’s the one where she makes sweeping statements about groups of people in a fantastically offensive fashion. Bollocks, that won’t narrow it down… No, it’s the one where she’s not at all factual and yet somehow has a really strong opinion! No, shit, that won’t help you either… Oh I know, I know – it’s the one where she’s super anti-Islam! For fucks sake, really?!

So this week, Katie and I actually saw eye to eye for one tiny millisecond until she broke my trust by starting a tirade of unfounded attacks on Muslims. Katie is arguing that we must choose the rights of the LGBT community over the rights of those supporting Islam. There are many obvious flaws with this logic, the first, and most important, being that the two are not mutually exclusive; basically, all Muslims do not hate gays. But, if someone put a gun to my head and asked who’s rights I’d rather protect, I’d have to go with the LGBT community, for the sole reason that I find the existence of religion (ALL religion) in the West extremely confusing, and quite honestly surprising in this day and age.

Back to Katie – as usual, she’s jumped on a bandwagon that she knows will be controversial, yet resonate with those that really believe that she is some kind of spokesperson for the “oppressed politically incorrect.” She is of course talking about the horrific terrorist attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Omar Mateen, gunman and total nutcase, was to blame. According to those who knew him, Mateen was an unstable character. He had a history of beating his wife and of discussing killing members of the LGBT community. The incident occurred in Orlando, Florida. An American state with lax gun laws; this extreme individual could simply walk into a gun store and buy a gun. To add insult to injury he was on the FBI watch list. Yes, America have a no-fly list, but no no-gun-purchasing list. Yes, he was a Muslim, but there are many more factors at play here than simply his religion.

For Katie to claim that Islam is the enemy of the LGBT community is more than far-fetched. It’s ridiculous. Unfortunately, in every religion there are factions that do not support the LGBT community, this is not something that is unique to Islam, rather common is all extremist factions of religions. Look at the Westboro Baptist Church, for Gods sake, they definitely aren’t Muslim, and are definitely very anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-lesbian, anti-bisexual, anti-humans that aren’t religious, anti-basically everything apart from themselves. These factions are extreme, and I certainly cannot support anybody who does not support LGBT rights, but I sure as hell can’t support a crooked woman who has carved a career out of being a professional arsehole. Katie’s comments are so damaging because they are so divisive. Right now we need to be uniting against a common enemy, like extremists and ludicrously outdated gun laws, not pointing the finger at a group of people who are consistently dragged into the spotlight because of a few extreme individuals who, thanks to people like Katie, are quickly tarnishing the reputation of many.

What seems so blindingly obvious to me is the fault of the American political system, and the second amendment: the right to bare arms. The gun violence in the United States is incomparable to any other “civilized” country not participating in a war. In 2015 there were 64 school shootings in the US. In the UK, there were none. In the US there were 372 mass shootings. In the UK, there were none. In the United States in 2015 roughly 13,286 people were killed at the hands of a firearms. After scouring the web I can’t even find the number of people killed in the UK in 2015 at the hands of a gun, though for reference there were 58 gun-related deaths in the UK in 2012. Much to even my surprise, Hopkins attempts to make the case that guns aren’t to blame:

“This is not about guns. If it were, after 9/11 we should have banned aeroplanes.”

Right. Sure.

Just like Murdoch, Hopkins has an ulterior motive. She’s created a character, and she knows what her readership want to hear. The mask briefly slipped in Big Brother, but it’s plain to see it’s firmly back in place today.



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