Be optimistic, not realistic

I have massive ambitions. I’ve always been one of those annoying people that looks years and years into the future, carefully calculating exactly what needs to be done in order to finally achieve my end goal – and those goals are always uh, well they’re really big and difficult and virtually impossible to achieve. 

When I talk about my hefty ambitions i’m almost always met with criticism: “Why you? So many people want to do X? What makes you think you can do it?” I suppose my response is; “why not?” After all, somebody has to hold the top job, by aiming for it at least i’m taking a step in the right direction. As somebody famous once said “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!”

Honestly though, what is the point in being ambitious, yet setting mediocre goals? I know so many people who are smart, driven and ambitious, yet spend all their time concentrating on what they will realistically achieve. 

Why aim for comfortable when you really want to be rich? Why aim for a “nice house” if you’d like a country manor? Why aim for senior management if you want to be CEO? Why adopt one cat if you could adopt five?

By aiming high, you’re left with almost nothing to lose and everything to gain. Those that shrug their shoulders and decide it will never be them are automatically disqualifying themselves from the race.

Of course saying “I’d like to be the next Alan Sugar!” Doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to be the next Alan Sugar. I imagine getting to the top takes dedication and sacrifice, and although ambition is a huge driver, having ambition alone isn’t enough. I’d never be foolish enough to think that I will be a multimillionaire, and fail to make provisions in case that dream never becomes a reality.

Maybe this is the one time we can take some tips from Donald Trump; he has no political experience, never so much as worked in government before, and now he’s President-elect of the damn United States!

As those unreferenced, totally legitimate and wise quotes on the internet say, “you’ve got to believe it to achieve it!”

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