2016: A Year in Review

Thank fuck that’s over.

2016 has been like no year I have ever lived on this earth. I’ve been vehemently angry, dismayed, appalled, shocked, excited… It really was a mostly horrible, horrible year in the wider sense.

Brexit was my least favourite bit, followed by president-elect Trump. Of course we can’t forget about the countless terror attacks, the many deaths of enormously talented celebrities (here’s looking at you, Bowie), people like Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage gaining increasing influence, the pound plummeting and anyone who was even a little pissed off about all this being labelled a “libtard.” It has been a long, dark year, my friends. A long, dark, year.  

Awkwardly, however, it’s been a particularly good one for myself personally. I started the year a third of the way through my masters degree, which by this point i’d decided I utterly despised, so I essentially took the first eight months of the year off and spent my time skipping lectures, getting drunk, watching an awful lot of Netflix then cramming for exams when absolutely necessary.   

It was genuinely a lazy person’s heaven; I did whatever I want whenever I felt like it regardless of any consequences.

I didn’t even have much time to become too concerned about my dwindling future because by some miracle I managed to land a grad job in the summer. Equally remarkably, it was in the exact field I wanted to go into, despite me not having the appropriate qualification, nor ample work experience.

I suppose this year I learnt that I am a jammy bastard and a brilliant bullshitter.

My hometown has always been a place that brought a small shudder to my spine. Typical home county Essex; it’s very boring, judgey, and full of people i’d happily never bump into again. I left my cringey 18 year-old self behind in Essex and never particularly looked back – and I had no intention to stay there for any longer than was absolutely necessary when my masters degree drew to a close.

In yet another flukey twist of fate, I found a reasonably priced flat in super fun Camden, and was able to fly the nest after just six weeks of mild discomfort (two of which I was on holiday for anyway, it barely counted). In yet.. Another… twist of fate… My boyfriend from University found a job six minutes by foot from my flat in Camden. I’d slightly come to terms with the idea of us living a fair distance away, but yet I shit you not, in the same goddamn day, I found this flat and he landed his grad job. If that ain’t meant to be, then what is?

Aside from my seemingly undeserving success, this year has just been pretty great from start to finish. The year kicked off with me celebrating my “official” anniversary with Rai in Prague, I lived in a lovely house in central Brighton for most of the year with someone who I consider one of my closest friends. I’ve landed a job I genuinely enjoy, and work with people I think are fantastic. I went to Corfu and Latvia and had an amazing time trying all sorts of new food and enjoying new experiences. Even my parents got two little kittens I was able to care for, for a few weeks.

Of course it wasn’t all smiles all the time; members of my family have been incredibly unwell and it’s caused plenty of stress and upset, and my lovely older cat Pansie sadly passed away. I myself had a couple of months that I wasn’t feeling so wonderful internally. Although i’ve gained a few friends i’ve certainly drifted from some of the older ones. Oh, and the whole fucking world went mad, but let’s not go down that road again.

Last year I wrote that in 2016 I wanted my happiness to come from myself because of my own achievements. I think I fulfilled that; although my wonderful boyfriend does continue to make me phenomenally happy, of course.

So what do I want from 2017? Well largely i’d like everyone to calm the fuck down, return from the insanity that is the “post-fact age”, do a soft Brexit (or not at all, fuck the stupid bloody referendum), and impeach Trump. BUT, in terms of things I can actually control; i’d like to do well at work, perhaps get a pay rise (please), visit a couple of interesting countries, get to know all the nooks and crannies of London, continue to be sickeningly loved up, drink lots of wine, have lots of laughs, and be utterly and completely merry.             

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