That’s it – i’m going vegan

Veganism is a lifestyle i’ve flirted with on and off over the past couple of years, a vegan month here, a vegan week there, being extraordinarily proud if I have the odd vegan day… It’s something I feel is good and right, but I am only human, and each time i’ve tried to have a go, my own cravings have brought an abrupt end to the vegan experiment. I’m not going to say i’m more strong willed than I was a university, or a better person. In fact, since moving to London i’ve definitely become a bigger arsehole than ever before. What has changed is that i’m no longer tiptoeing around the edges of alcoholism and instead I have a routine each week, which I think really helps if you’re trying to alter your lifestyle.

So yes, i’m going vegan, again. And this time, it’s permanent.

But why would you do this to yourself when cheese is so damn delicious? I hear you cry. Well, I watched a sodding Netflix documentary that simply reaffirmed everything I knew and gave me the push I needed to make the step.

What the Health is a fantastic film. The protagonist is nothing short of a hypochondriac (which he readily admits) on a quest to discover how to keep his health in check as he has a long history of various cancers, heart disease and diabetes in his family.

Now like many of us, he’s lived his life steering away from sugars where possible, but eating fish, meats and dairy as normal. He hears a plant-based lifestyle can actually work to reverse things like heart disease – there’s lots of very official and clever people with A LOT of stats interviewed throughout… But what shocks him most is that he realises that websites that give advice to people suffering with these diseases are actually promoting recipes that the very clever folk he’s spoken with warn against. To cut a long story short, he realises it’s because many of them are charities sponsored by the meat and dairy industry. Lo and behold, American free market capitalism strikes again and you’re left feeling pretty deflated.

It’s a typical Netflix documentary at it’s best, and if you’re at all interested in veganism, i’d strongly suggest you give it a watch.

Aside from the health benefits that I am now totally convinced of, it’s a wonderful choice for the planet, and it means I am now not contributing to any animals suffering to feed me. I’ve long felt like a hypocrite for readily cuddling any animal that wanders across my path, yet devouring a cheeseburger when i’m fully aware the likelihood is the cow that died to make it suffered horribly. It’s been an uncomfortable truth that i’ve long ignored, and it feels pretty good to know I won’t have that weight on my shoulders.

I’ve also got a lot of vegan mates. I feel like most people know maybe one vegan, but i’ve got three very close friends that that all been vegan for over a year, and all love it. It’s a nice support system, as I know I can text any one of them if i’m starting to get a little overwhelmed.

I’ve been neglecting this blog pretty badly since I started writing for a living. I guess if you write all day you kind of can’t be arsed to come home and write some more, but perhaps this change will give me the inspiration I need to at least make an occasional post. I’ve been pretty crap and i’d really like to change that.

So wish me luck! It’s going to be an interesting ride.  

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