The Real Housewives are the icons we don’t deserve


drinks housewives

The Real Housewives, whichever city they may be from (I don’t discriminate), they are nothing short of utterly iconic and if I can grow up to being even nearly that fabulous I’ll have done bloody well for myself.

Contrary to popular opinion, the vast majority of them aren’t simply kept women that live off their husband’s wallets. In fact, the women who have been in the show for years and years (here’s looking at you Lisa Vanderpump and Vicky Gunvalson) are hugely successful women in their own right, boasting successful businesses alongside their fabulous wardrobes.

What the women do represent is that you can be hot, successful and very drunk when you’re 40+. Before I became utterly obsessed with the show, I saw life over 40 as utter miserable. I really thought life was over. I though when you hit 40 life as you know it ended, clothes had to become baggier, alcohol wasn’t allowed to be consumed in large quantities, and you’d never have another date again – boy was I wrong! These women party like they’re in their twenties, dress like they give no fucks, and are willing to move on from relationships if it isn’t working for them.

Another thing I love about the Housewives is their sheer and utter confidence in themselves. They all know who they are, and they’re all willing to fight to the death on issues they care deeply about. As a twenty-something, I’m constantly second guessing myself, wondering if I’ve made the right career choices, wondering if I should go out or stay in, whether moving to London was the right choice… I could go on. I look at them and am reminded that my over the top need to cultivate some sort of five year plan that changes every three days is absolutely ok, because the likelihood is, when I’m a forty-something, none of this will matter and life will somehow have sorted itself out.

To me they’re so much more than just reality TV stars, they’re modern day icons and should be treated as such.


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