Bye forever, Chelmsford

This weekend I visited the town I grew up in. I stayed for three nights over the course of a long weekend, and that’s probably the longest i’ll ever spend back there.My parents have bought a house in Worthing and are going through the buying and selling process. While contracts are yet to be exchanged, it’s looking like the sale will go through and they’ll be moving from Chelmsford at the end of this month.

I moved away from Chelmsford several years ago now, I was one of those people who never came home during the summer breaks at university – why on earth would I, living in sunny Brighton? I’m not really one to get attached to places or houses, and i’m not remotely attached to Chelmsford. I lived there between the ages of 7 and 19, I wasn’t even born there.

Still, I did do all of my growing up there, and I made some friends for life. Rai and I didn’t do much this weekend, but we did have a casual pub night out that we’d struggle to do in London. We went to the Wheatsheaf with a couple of friends and just had a few drinks and played pool. While there are literally millions of pubs in London, it’s pretty tough to find one quiet enough that you can have a couple of drinks and play a game of pool without having to fight for a table.

That got me thinking to Christmas time. Normally I go out on Christmas Eve with my friends, typically we find a pub somewhere or end up in a fairly underwhelming club, but it always ends up being a brilliant night because I run into people I haven’t seen for years, and everyone is on some sort of top form ‘Christmas hype’. When my parents move to Worthing, I’ll miss out.

It’s just little things like that, that i’ll miss. It’s silly really, because a lot of my friends are moving on too, and I imagine in a year or so the population of Chelmsford that I still know will look very different.

Still, my parents moving offers me the opportunity to explore somewhere new, and means my mum and dad must think i’ve got my shit together and won’t be moving back home ever again. So that’s great news. The last year has been one of immense change, and I suppose this is just the last alteration to get used to.Nice flowers 1

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