Thank God for Autumn

For weeks now I have been urging what was left of our ‘non-summer’ to hurry up, draw to a close, and make room for the most beautiful and fashionable season, autumn.I just love it. Not only is it my birthday season (although i’m getting on a bit now and hardly thrilled that i’m going to be turning 25), the mixtures of oranges and browns on the trees are stunning, the air is crisp and fresh and always feels a little like Christmas and the fashion is considerably more interesting and personal than during summertime.

Last autumn was when I moved to London and first saw a side of it that I fell in love with. There’s nothing quite like wandering through usually-busy Regents Park on a Sunday morning drinking in the cool air and wading through the coloured leaves.

Autumn also brings my favourite national holiday (ahem..) Halloween! What is better than snuggling up with your friends, partner or family and watching scary films before donning ridiculous outfits caked in blood and heading out to get wasted all in the honour of the Halloween gods?

It’s suddenly ok again to eat hot food for lunch, the temperature on the tube returns to somewhere in the realms of breathable, and it becomes vaguely acceptable to walk through Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square as most of the tourists have gone home. Staying in becomes more appealing than going out, and black boots become a staple item you’re never seen without. There is nothing not to love about this beautiful season.

Autumn also means new beginnings. I’m not quite old enough not to think in school years, as for my entire life now September has represented the start of a new year, or a new course or a new job. This is the first year that things will continue as they have done for the past 12 months, but i’m still mentally readying myself for something new and exciting.

Although I love the change in seasons, I don’t think i’ve ever been so thrilled to see the end of a summer as I am this year. It’s not that i’ve had a crap summer, i’ve really enjoyed myself, it’s just really boring being a journalist in the summer, nothing happens but ‘the show must go on’ and you find yourself pulling your hair out trying to find a story with much less to work with. It’s also been my first London summer, and it’s hellishly busy and absolutely boiling hot. We’ve also had a pretty crap year weather-wise, it’s barely even felt like summer, and i’m certainly not rich enough to afford a place with a garden to enjoy the few sunny moments.

For the first time ever, i’m really excited about Christmas this year. Rai and I will likely spend a fortune doing up our flat ready for the festivities, but it’ll be our choice how we decorate, our choice of tree, ornaments, and Christmas films; and autumn represents one step closer to the holiday.

If you’re feeling sad about summer drawing to a close, think of all the snuggly cuteness you’ve got to look forward to – and it becoming totally acceptable to get a bit fat again.

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