My 2018 resolutions

Happy new year! I’m writing this from my sofa, fairy smug I managed to avoid a horrendous hangover despite partying until 4am.

As I mentioned in my ‘year in review,’ I absolutely love the corniness the new year brings. I love the idea that some of us believe we can suddenly transform all of our terrible habits into strengths and rise from the ashes of New Year’s Eve a better, smarter and sexier version of ourselves.

Of course it’s all silly, and because I make so many resolutions the chances of me keeping to all of them are pretty slim, but i’ll have a decent crack at it nonetheless! I’m starting the year with Dry January, in the hope that a sober month can help me settle into new habits. I’m also going to do Veganuary, because i’m far too useless to keep up veganism full time, but I genuinely believe it is the kindest and healthiest way to live – if you can possibly manage a life without cheese. So, here we go;

  1. Get back into running

In my second and third years at university I was really quite good at running, I could run five kilometres in less than 25 minutes and run 10 kilometres in 50. But, as it always does, life got in the way. I started my masters degree, then I went into work, and BAM, two years have passed and now i’ve got more chance of choking on my own ragged breath than crawling a 5k. By the end of 2018, I want to be back to where I was – perhaps even better.

  1. Make lunch at least four times a week, ideally every day

Making your own lunch is a great way to eat healthily and keep costs down. I probably don’t need to explain this one.

  1. Learn to drink within my limits

I’ve written before about my hangovers rivalling a heroin addict drying out. Friday night is a big binge drinking night for my friends and I, and while I don’t want to go sober (apart from throughout January), I want to get better at drinking within my limits. Less blacking out, more joyful Saturdays, a happier Hannah.

  1. Read a book a month

This really must be the simplest of resolutions to fulfil. Every night Rai and I climb into bed and watch an episode or two of something easy and funny like Rick and Morty or Peep Show to get us to chill out and get ready for bed. I think that time could be better used tucking into a good book. Supposedly reading before bed makes you sleep better, and must be a better use of time than re-watching episodes i’ve seen a thousand times.

  1. Stop smoking when I drink

This will probably be my biggest challenge. For years now i’ve smoked whenever i’ve been drinking. I very, very rarely smoke when i’m sober, so I know i’m not addicted to nicotine in a traditional sense, but I definitely now associate drinking and smoking, which is why it will be such a hard habit to break. Let’s be honest, smoking is bad for you, it makes you feel worse the next day, and it’s really expensive. There isn’t a reason to continue to do it, apart from it being so damn good. Yeah, this is going to be really, really difficult.  

  1. Get into some sort of habit with posting on this blog, and maybe get someone to read it…

Throughout the past few months i’ve been posting more on here and reading a lot of blogs from ‘proper’ bloggers, and i’ve really enjoyed it. I’m so nosy and love reading about other people’s lives, and I love to write. This is just a fun little hobby I enjoy, and while i’m certainly not aiming to become some sort of ‘famous’ blogger, but it would be nice to engage more with the blogger community and actually have someone read it now and again! I still get so nervous posting to twitter, so I really want to get over that and be a little more shameless in my approach.

  1. Work hard to make more money and get a promotion

My finances are honestly in a state of utter turmoil. Living in London is the fastest way I can think of to obliterate a savings account, and most millennials in the capital are left living paycheck to paycheck. I’m under no illusions, the chances are i’m not going to earn £10,000 a year more than I do now by December 2018, but I need to do everything within my power to up my salary over the next year and try to at least save something each month. Perhaps i’ll try and do a bit of freelance stuff on the side of my ‘day job’, who knows. Essentially, ya gal needs more money, pronto.


That’s all for now, all achievable I reckon? And as i’ve written them down, I have to see them through, because that’s how it works, obviously. 

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