There is no better candidate than Oprah Winfrey to run against Donald Trump in 2020

Oprah Winfrey for President? An idea that had never crossed my mind until her stunning speech at this year’s Golden Globes that provoked an outpouring of support for a 2020 Presidential bid. In years gone by, I would have probably rolled my eyes. A television personality for President? Don’t be ridiculous.

But, as recent history teaches us, these are not normal times. The President (or ‘Idiot in Chief’, as I prefer) is a glorified reality TV star, trust-fund brat who took a “small” loan of a million dollars (it was actually closer to $14m) from his father, and who self identifies as a “very stable genius.”

In light of that, who better than a liberal, feminist, entirely self-made, black, female, billionaire, TV star to fight him in 2020?

Unlike The Pussy Grabber, Winfrey started from the humblest of beginnings. Nothing was handed to her on a plate, she worked for every last penny. She faced hardships most of us will be fortunate enough never to endure, and went on to become an enormously successful business woman, media tycoon, philanthropist and one hell of a speech writer.

My observations from across the pond suggest to me that Americans are fed up with the status quo. Trump fought a dirty campaign and managed to ride out scandals that would have finished off any other candidate, and yet he still went on to win the Presidency. That said, Trump is not an exceptional candidate, not in terms of ability, anyway. Trump’s approval ratings have been persistently low, and, as much as he will shout, scream, stamp his feet and tell you otherwise, Hillary was the more popular candidate. The American electoral system elected the loser, not the people.

Hillary Clinton however, was one of the most impressive candidates in history, in my opinion. The first debate highlighted more clearly than ever her abilities over his. Clinton would never call herself a genius, but next to Trump in that first debate, that is exactly how she looked. Yet she lost, and she lost because millions of Americans felt as though their voices were not being heard by those in Washington. Sadly, Clinton represented the ‘political elite’, and for that, and, oddly I think, her husbands infidelities, she paid the price.

Oprah Winfrey meanwhile, has been broadcast into the living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms of average Americans for decades. Her empathetic, calm and inquisitive nature reaching every corner of every state. Unlike the Cheeto in Chief, Winfrey is all about the other person; she listens and responds accordingly. She’s likeable, approachable, enormously charismatic, and very, very clever.

At a time when facts and political experience don’t matter, the Democrats need a popular candidate who oozes charisma and who represents everything Trump is not if they want to win the next election, and for those reasons, there is no better candidate than Oprah Winfrey.  

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