Is a Fitbit worth the money?

My Fitbit – bright pink and gold as chosen by my boyfriend – has become a permanent staple on my wrist throughout the last month. I like the way it looks, it feels sturdy, and it provides me with some useful information to help me to keep up with my 2018 healthy lifestyle, but is it worth the money?

For Christmas, Rai bought me a Fitbit Alta. No, of course he wasn’t suggesting i’m horribly fat, out of shape and desperately in need of one, I wanted one because I thought it would keep me motivated and on track to lose weight and live a healthier life.

So, the boring bit – the Fitbit Alta tracks steps taken, distance moved, calories burnt, active minutes, how many days of exercise you’ve done per week, your sleep, active hours per day, weight, and water and calories consumed, although you have to input the latter three manually.



So far, it seems to be making me a healthier person. I’ve started logging my weight every Thursday, and consequently have lost weight steadily since I began doing so. There’s something about knowing I have to update my weight on an app that helps to keep me on track, even if I only lose one pound per week. In my pre-Fitbit days, i’d avoid the scales like the plague. I knew I must have put on weight and simply didn’t want to face reality.

It’s taught me a lot about my lifestyle that I didn’t realise. I’m far more sedentary than I thought, which isn’t a huge surprise as I work in an office and live a very short walk from my local tube station. Reaching 10,000 steps a day isn’t as easy as it sounds. Having said that, because i’m checking my app daily for steps taken, i’ve really tried to find ways to move more. For example, I had a meeting near St Pauls on Friday (in the First Dates restaurant, which was pretty cool), so rather than get the tube, I walked from Holborn. Without the Fitbit, I wouldn’t have given walking a second thought.

I find the sleep tracking feature really useful, and have got a little obsessed with it. I’ve realised I sleep far less than I thought; I basically never get my eight hours. While I like seeing how much (or little) i’ve slept, the Fitbit doesn’t get it completely right and keeping still before you fall asleep can trick it into thinking you’ve nodded off. To combat that, I try to wave my arm around right before I sleep. No, seriously, I do that now. Knowing roughly how many calories i’ve burnt is also really useful. When I first set it up, it asked for my height, weight and age, so it is an estimate, but in theory, it should be pretty close.

The dashboard on the application is neat and tidy, and means you can immediately see all the stats you care about. If you’re competitive as hell like me, you can link up with a mate also with a Fitbit and compare stats and progress.



I have just three complaints: The first is that mine doesn’t track my heart rate. However, other models do, so just be sure to double check before you buy if that’s something important to you. The second is that my watch strap gets incredibly dirty very quickly. It’s pink, so its very noticeable, and I have to clean it fairly regularly to avoid grossing out my friends and colleagues – and it really doesn’t clean easily. Finally, I now rarely wear my nice watch, because wearing a Fitbit and a watch looks absolutely ridiculous.

So, is it worth the money? Yes, I think so. My FitBit Alta is worth around £100. There are cheaper and more expensive models available, depending on how many features you’d like. I’m really happy I have one, and I think the price point is fair. However, I don’t think i’d buy one for myself – i’m merely a poor journalist burning through money by living in London, and £100 is a lot of money. That said, if I earned more money, yes, i’d buy one. Rai, for example, bought himself one a couple of weeks after he’d bought one for me, and is really enjoying his.

Overall, it’s proving to be a great little addition to my life. Because of my Fitbit, i’m making consciously better choices, and I can’t see myself losing motivation any time soon. I hope it will keep me on track, and assist me in looking like a supermodel by the summertime.


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