Five simple things guaranteed to turn my frown upside down

I’m having a shitty week. I don’t know what’s wrong, i’m just not a happy. Each working day is dragging and really, I just want to curl up in bed and sleep for the foreseeable future. But, the bills won’t pay themselves, and life must go on.

In an effort to snap out of my funk, i’ve decided to compile a list of five simple things that are absolutely guaranteed to make me happy. Who knows, perhaps you can take away some tips and turn your frown upside down, too.

Getting into a clean, freshly made bed, and having a great night’s sleep

Honestly, is there anything better than crisp, clean sheets? Perhaps i’m just exhausted, but right now, nothing would make me happier than getting into a freshly made bed that smells of flowers.

Watching ‘try not to laugh’ challenges on Youtube

If i’m feeling sad, Youtube is one of the first places I go. Try not to laugh challenges are basically short compilations of hilarious videos. Obviously some are better than others, but when you find a good set, you can be in hysterics for 15 minutes straight. I’ve also found some of my favourite videos doing this, like this one, you’re welcome.

Hanging out with plants

Yeah, this sounds fucking weird but I really like being around plants. I’m highly attracted to anything vaguely botanical. I never used to like my living room, but now I have three tropical plants, I bloody love it. Kew Gardens is my idea of heaven, and London’s Sky Garden is right at the top of my places to visit in the city. I also love receiving flowers. Plants are the key to happiness folks, you heard it here first.

Having an enormous cuddle

Eurgh so soppy I know but cuddling is just the best, isn’t it? Better yet, cuddling in freshly washed sheets in a newly made bed, with a plant in the room. Ooof, heaven. Obviously I cuddle Rai more than I cuddle anyone else, but I think a massive cuddle with a parent or a best pal works too if you don’t have your own Rai.

Engaging in boozy wine chat

Boozy wine chat is best avoided if i’m especially sad as it’ll probably turn into sloppy wine chat and i’ll end up crying about something unrelated like the rate of homelessness in London (it’s happened, believe me), but if i’m feeling generally a little negative and frustrated, getting a bit pissed and hashing out the wrongs of the world with a pal is almost always the answer.


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