Five dream destinations to visit

Lately I just can’t stop thinking about getting on a plane and flying far, far away. For months now we’ve endured naff English weather, and for a year and a half, i’ve put up with eight million people swarming around me everyday, pollution knocking years off my life, and stress wrinkles forming on my forehead.

I only had a holiday in September, but five months later, I find myself itching to go away again. As i’ve freely spoken about in the past, I have literally no money, so sadly weekend breaks are not a luxury I can freely splurge on. Instead, i’ve decided to have a little fun. Just imagine for a moment; where would you go if money was no object? Obviously, if money really wasn’t a problem, i’d visit quite literally everywhere, but for simplicity’s sake, here’s my top five dream destinations.

Source: Wikipedia

Palmyra Island

I don’t mean to be so – hipster – here, but my guess is that you’ve never heard of such a place. It’s ok, most haven’t. When I was around 14, I got really obsessed with the TV show, Lost. My best friend and I decided we were going to travel the world, and to start with, we were going to go to the place most alike the island on Lost. Enter, Palmyra. Palmyra is an uninhabited island somewhere not too far from Hawaii. It’s virtually impossible to reach, and has its own murderous past. It’s a mixture of tropical climate, creepy backstory, total isolation and sheer beauty all rolled into one.

Waterfalls in snow, Godafoss, Iceland
Source: TravelWideFlightsUK


A little closer to home is the beautiful Iceland. Iceland is one of those places that I could realistically visit now, but i’ve been told its hellishly expensive, so I think i’d rather wait until I have a little more disposable income so I can really enjoy it. The pictures of the lagoons and the mountainous terrains just make me want to grab my camera and go and explore. I think of all the places I could be proposed to, Iceland might be top of my list. If you’re reading Rai, you know what you’ve got to do.

Source: TravelChannel


Further afield again (you’re absolutely right, there is no logic at all to this list), is California. Maybe because i’ve watched far too much TV set in LA, and maybe because I had serious dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress (ha), I have just always wanted to live in California. The weather, the beautiful people, the enormous houses that in this absolute fantasy I can suddenly afford, are all very, very appealing. I have absolutely no idea why all Americans aren’t just flocking to California in their millions. Also, the state is home to Yosemite National Park which, if you have a mac you’ve definitely heard of, and if you haven’t, you must google right now. Again, it just looks absolutely mesmerising. To this day, it’s a huge dream of mine to move to America and live in Cali (when all this Trump bollocks is over, of course).

Source: InternationalTraveller

The Amazon Rainforest

Perhaps a weird choice for somebody that would rather spend a night in the house from The Grudge than be in the same room as a spider, but I would relish the challenge of exploring the Amazon and seeing all the wildlife (except the tarantulas) up close. I can think of few experiences more difficult or rewarding – and of course I’d have to stop off to party in Rio de Janeiro while in the area.

Source: spotmydive

South Africa

If i’m being honest, the reason I really want to visit South Africa is to go cage diving with sharks, or, if possible, swim with them. I love sharks. I have seen so many shark documentaries and all of the shark films on Netflix (except Sharknado because, why?). There is a very real part of me that wants to leave London and go and become a shark activist. As such, I want to see the creatures up close, and i’ve heard South Africa is the place to do that.



None of the images used in this post are owned by me. I’ve tried to credit, but if these are your images and you’d like something more specific, please let me know.

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