Get yourself a FREE photoshoot

In life, it is very rare to be offered something for nothing. Virtually unheard of, in fact. But today is your lucky day, because that is exactly what i’m about to do.

When I first moved to London I bought a camera. I messed about with it for a year or so and got the basics down. For my birthday last October, my parents bought me a new lens perfect for portrait photography. Recently, I offered to take some pictures of my friend Sam, who is a tattoo model and a pretty big deal on Instagram (@samhowlett if you fancy a stalk). The shoot went much better than I anticipated, and I figured, maybe this is something I could get better at?

This is where you come in, dear reader. Sadly I haven’t got hundreds of friends queuing up wanting their pictures taken, and as such, i’m desperately in need of some models to practice on. While I can’t promise vogue-quality shots, I can promise a few pictures that might prove useful for your own blog or portfolio, or just something nice to send to your mum. I’m London-based and very poor, so i’m not able to travel to work for free, but if you’re London-based too, and are willing to give up an hour or two of your time to help a newbie out in exchange for some (hopefully!) nice pictures, i’m keen to hear from you.

My email address is, and if you’d be more comfortable, i’m happy to then give you my number to assure you beyond all doubt that I am not some lunatic luring you to your death with the promise of a few nice pictures!

Please see some of my work below – note so far i’ve mostly taken pictures inside because it’s been bloody freezing, but I imagine any ‘blogger shots’ or otherwise would be taken in a snazzy London location.   




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