Monthly Roundup – April 2018

The fourth month of 2018 is almost up, brace yourself for Justin Timberlake memes from every corner of the internet over the coming days. I thought i’d start writing monthly overviews, partly because its nice to look back on the highs (and maybe lows) of each month, and partly because i’m nosy as shit and love reading them, so I figured you, dear reader, might feel the same way.

April was the month the sun came out of hibernation and blessed us all with its presence for almost a week. After a fairly awful winter (when was the last time we had this much snow in the UK?), I remembered how much i’d missed feeling natural warmth on my skin, wandering around in dresses, and walking through parks in the sunshine. The weather really affects my mood, and as a consequence, I generally spend the first four months of the year trying to get my head down and just make it through to May, glorious sunny May. And finally, we’re nearly there.

What did I do?

I have been startlingly busy this month. April kicked off with a trip to Hastings to see Rai’s family over Easter, and then a couple of weeks later I flew to The Hague to see a friend from university. April is the month that I finally got a gym membership sorted. I’ve been really good at going persistently until this last week, but a bout of insomnia combined with a hectic work schedule has meant i’ve dropped my game somewhat. My parents came to visit last weekend, and we made lunch for them and then took them to our local park. They also brought us a spider plant, which is now proudly hanging in our bathroom.

What did I read?

This month I read ‘Why Mummy Drinks’, a Sunday Times bestseller by Gill Sims. I have never laughed so much while reading a book. I’m almost tempted to write a book review because it was so bloody good; if you like side-splitting humour, you’ll definitely enjoy this. The basic premise of the book is a mum poking fun at struggling through life with two young kids, a husband who spends an awful lot of time in his shed, and a career that she has virtually no interest in. 10/10 would read again. 

What did I see?

After months of Rai and I whining that we haven’t got anything good to watch, we finally stumbled upon a show that we have both fallen head over heels in love with. Westworld is fucking incredible. I very rarely get so involved with a TV show so fast. We’re only about five episodes in (we’re deliberately watching it slowly), so I don’t yet know of any mad twists, but so far, the show centres on a place, Westworld, that is home to incredibly intelligent robots. Westworld is essentially a playground for the rich, and visitors are able to take up numerous storylines suggested to them by the robots. Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that, but without wanting to give too much away… Just WATCH IT.

Another short series I stumbled across this month was the BBC’s Collateral. When in The Hague, Zoe suggested it one night in, and it did not disappoint. It’s a gritty detective drama that i’m fairly sure can be found on BBC iPlayer. The show is very clever, it touches on numerous national conversations that we’ve had lately, issues around immigration, sexism and class, to name a few. It forces you to see the other side of opinions you might hold pretty dear, and is a real conversation starter. There’s also only three or four episodes, so it’s good for a rainy weekend indoors.   

Where did I go?   

Well, obviously The Hague, but i’ve written all about that already, so I won’t bore you again. This month the stand-out restaurant I visited has to be Busaba Eathai, a Thai place in Covent Garden. Luckily for me, I was taken there for a lunch meeting, but the prices certainly aren’t eye-watering. The menu is really diverse and the food is delicious. I had a duck curry, which isn’t something i’ve eaten before, but it was utterly scrumptious. Unfortunately the restaurant is a little loud, and isn’t the best setting for an intimate meal, especially as the tables are large and shared by multiple parties. I’d definitely recommend the place for meeting friends at lunch or dinner.

What did I buy?

Bugger all because I am a poor millennial in London. However, as my jeans have become completely uncooperative, and no amount of willing the hole in them shut seems to work (quite the opposite, actually), i’m going to begrudgingly head to Topshop very soon and buy another pair of Joni jeans. If anyone knows of any jeans of similar quality and suck-in-iness that won’t set me back £40, i’m all ears.

The high point?

The sunshine! Every lunchtime when the sun was shining my colleagues and I would go on a really big walk across the Themes and down Southbank. Then on the Friday we skipped our usual pub routine and instead bought some booze and went and sat on the grass at Embankment. Rai and I also enjoyed a walk in the sun and had wander around Regents Park one weekend. Sunshine is just the best.

The low point?

Uh? There really hasn’t been one, but if I had to choose something, my sudden inability to sleep last week was a bit of a bummer, hopefully it won’t be a problem this week too. Oh, and my hangover yesterday, that was nasty.

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