Monthly Roundup – May 2018

The second instalment of my Monthly Roundup series is coming a little earlier than planned because i’m actually spending the final day of May on a plane to Madrid (!), and i’ve still got so much to do before that, so I thought i’d get it out early rather than late. Oh how productive I am.

Well, if I thought April was busy, May was off the charts. Every weekend was taken up with a celebration of some sort and work was fairly hectic too. The good news is I managed to see so many friends I haven’t seen in a long time, the bad news is i’m flat-out broke and will have to spend a couple of weekends at home in June just to pay myself back. Bleurgh.

What did I do?

SO MUCH. The month kicked off with a BBQ-turned-house party where I drank vodka like it was water. It’s safe to say I didn’t feel too fresh the next day. The next weekend saw me meeting up with friends from Essex to say goodbye to one of our mates who is journeying off around the world. A night out in Shoreditch culminated in me getting myself completely lost on the tube and generally making a bit of a tit of myself asking “sorry, where’s Kings Cross?” to many poor passersby.  

The following weekend was Rai’s birthday. We hosted a couple of uni mates in our tiny shoebox flat, and took them to a couple of favourite pubs in Camden, and separately we had our very own date night that more than lived up to the hype. Finally this weekend, I headed to Nottingham with a load of mates from uni for a mini-reunion. An awful lot of boozing took place this month.

What did I see?

For Rai’s birthday, I took him to the 99 Comedy Club at Leicester Square. The tickets were fairly cheap, so I was worried the acts wouldn’t be so good, but by joe, I was wrong. Nish Kumar, who I love for his no bullshit approach to how much he hates Brexit, was the headline act, alongside three other brilliant comedians that had the place in stitches. Tickets are around £17 per head, and i’d strongly recommend if you’re searching for something not too expensive to do with your pal(s) or partner one night.

This month, Netflix outdid itself. I very quickly became addicted to Evil Genius, a four-part documentary series based on a crime that took place in the US, that saw a seemingly innocent man blown up by a homemade bomb. If you’re into crime docs and serial killers, this is the show for you. Also on Netflix is Safe; the show stars Dexter’s Michael Hall as a father frantically trying to find his lost daughter. Again, it’s a real ‘who-dunnit’ and there’s a massive twist at the end.   

Where did I go?

I escaped London’s smog this weekend and went to Nottingham with a load of mates from uni. Honestly, it was brilliant. It was lovely to be in a city big enough to entertain me, but small enough that the main attractions were within walking distance.

I think i’m obligated to tell you about Boilermaker, a secret bar in the centre of Nottingham that, at the first glance, resembles a boiler shop... However, behind the understated entrance lies a cocktail bar with a brilliantly punny menu and table service – I strongly recommend the Gindependent Woman, but perhaps avoid the Figgy Stardust. The staff were really attentive and the bar finds perfect balance between feeling exclusive while avoiding being pretentious. Oh, and the music is bloody fantastic, think Fleetwood Mac and Bowie. This might just be my favourite bar in the UK.

Elsewhere, I went to Kentish Town’s The Abbey Tavern and ate the tastiest nachos i’ve ever tried, and found myself at The Magic Roundabout in Shoreditch, which, although jam-packed every time I’ve been, is always a good time.    

What did I buy?

Far too much thanks to Rai’s birthday, but for me, I caved in a bought a pair of much-needed sandals from New Look, and some striped, high-waisted trousers.

The high point?

Broadly, seeing lots of friends. It’s fairly rare I manage to see so many in such a short space of time that don’t live in London, and it’s just so nice to be reunited with people you know so well and vice versa.

The low point?

The hangover that followed the house party, and being totally and utterly broke.

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